The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.


For you,

I will go the distance that would rival any Herculean effort, flown straight to the sun and put Icarus to shame.

I will move mountains with a teaspoon, brave the depths of an ocean of doubt to convince you that I am different from the ones before.

I will fight tooth and nail with another long-legged bitch who tries to breathe the air within your personal space, pay too much for a midnight Uber ride just to catch a glimpse of your crooked smile.


I will do all of that and more but,

I will not sit here and convince you of my worth.

I will not kneel and beg for scraps of affection, make myself small just so that you would take a second look, spare me a glance, pay more attention.

I have worked so hard to get to where I am today

to stop looking in the mirror and find fault in my reflection,

to finally be convinced that what’s staring back is beautiful and worthy.


So if you think for a moment that I would compromise who I am,

if you were misconstrued mistaken or perhaps you’d misread – let me make it clear.

I will not budge an inch, no not even a hair’s breadth to convince you to love me.


So please take your predictable excuses and fear of commitment elsewhere.

Spare me your nonchalant replies – your blue ticks do not bother me.

You can go back to dating your usual 20 year old’s

who play Candy Crush and mind games, who wears chokers around their necks and daddy issues on their sleeves.

Go back to right swiping a catalogue of filtered faces trying to sell you true love on a platform that demands that you judge someone’s worth purely on how much cleavage they are showing.


I refuse to use your approval as a measure of my worth because darling, just in case you weren’t aware:

It will always be a privilege to love me.



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  2. Prinkz 20th January 2017 on 6:00 am Reply

    Glad to finally read this..you have come a long way. I wish I can be there some day.

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