Canvas (Cougar).

Blank canvas, I want to smear paint all over you. I want to smear paint all over you. Bend you to suit my every whim and fancy. Tear you up and rip you at your secret places. I want to crumple you against your desire. I want to splatter and cover every inch of your

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  Reading is a lonely activity. When you read, you erect a social barrier around yourself, effectively shutting everyone else out. Reading is selfish because you can’t share it with anyone, and no one really benefits from the act whilst you’re reading. Ah. That explains why  I do not have many friends. You see, I

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    She shouldn’t – she knew that. The gods have told her that countless of times – too many times actually. But she had to know what’s inside. What’s so terrible that it has to be contained in a box as such? She knew that the gods each put something in. But what could it be?   Perhaps a tiny peek?

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