God, I Think You Forgot My Tits.

I think it’s about time to get this off my chest. This being my chest. Or the lack thereof. I guess the reason why I am frustrated is because I expected it to happen. That it was part of the deal of growing up, of being a woman. Menstrual cycles, attraction to the opposite sex,

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Letter to Myself.

Hello gorgeous. Look at you,still looking as smashing as you did when you were a fresh-of-the-boat twenty one year old. I am writing this letter with the hopes that upon reading it perhaps when gravity has robbed you of all that is perky  serves as a reminder of who you were before life, work, family

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The Answer to Why Women Take Forever in Bathrooms.

Women spend alot of time in bathrooms, both at home and in public places. An average woman takes thrice as long as their male counterparts when answering the call of nature.  Essentially, by the time you finish reading this, he would’ve been done, bought what he came to the mall for, had a quick meal and checked

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