Thank You, Anus of Satan.


Dear you,

You do not know me but I wrote this open letter to the Anus of Satan recently.

What I had initially thought to be just mindless scribbling on a motion sickness bag turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience – and it was all because of you. 

So here I am, writing this letter to thank you personally.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of the whirlwind of your life to send me messages brimful of kindness and concern. Thank you for linking me back to all the news articles in your home country and tuning in for my interviews.

Thank you for wanting to read more of my work. You have been so supportive and encouraging of my writing and I am truly, truly beyond blessed for all the love that I have received.

The letter may have brought you here – but thank you for staying.

I thought you’d like to know that my physiotherapy is going well and the lower half of my body is on its way to being functional again. If you’d sent me a marriage proposal, I will get back to you at the soonest! 

It was so nice of you to stand up for me against the hateful comments and Internet trolls. 

Your kindness moves me. 

If my letter had left a bad after-taste, I really do apologize. Please drop me an email and I would be more than happy to share my therapist’s contact details. 

I wrote the letter with the hopes that it would make someone’s day. If you had laughed out loud or sniffled a chuckle at work, that is encouragement enough for me to continue writing.

Going viral was just the icing on the cake.

I hope that all your future flights would be more pleasant than mine, and that you are spared from ever encountering the Anus of Satan. 

And in the unfortunate event that you do, I hope that you would be gracious and kind, and find it within yourself to laugh about it. 

A word of advice though – I would keep that motion sickness bag close by. 


Passenger 14A

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  1. Vivian 17th May 2015 on 2:42 am Reply

    I missed out that letter where everybody is talking about. May i know where i can find that? Sounded interesting n yes, i will be staying cos i like to read what you wrote..sometimes it applies…sometimes it is just fascinating. Please continue to share and i am here supporting you. Friend from Spore.

    • iaremunyee 17th May 2015 on 11:20 pm Reply

      Hi Vivian!

      Thank you for reading. You can google “Dear Passenger 15A” and the article will come right up :)

      Happy reading!

  2. Zaihas 17th May 2015 on 7:37 pm Reply

    All hail the Anus of Satan!

  3. Roy 18th May 2015 on 5:00 pm Reply

    Nice follow-up Zoe. I would really like to know how you put the rest of your trip to Australia if you don’t mind a request from this newest fan of yours.

  4. JK 19th May 2015 on 9:31 pm Reply

    Your letter was awesome! Good for you for calling that person out. A person can’t be shamed unless they were doing something to be ashamed of! She was rude. You said what many of us wish we had. You did it in a funny way as well. Not nasty or bad language. You made me laugh and say “good for you” out loud!

  5. nik 24th May 2015 on 3:48 am Reply

    Hi there, I read your post regarding AirAsia flight from Singapore to Sydney and was wondering, since when did AirAsia flies from Singapore to Sydney directly, I am curios, and based on my experience traveling with them, I’ve never came across seat 15A on their A330-343 and never knew they have a direct flight from Singapore to Sydney. I always thought there will be a stop over in Kuala Lumpur, but maybe that’s something new, however I’ve checked and there isn’t. So If you want to make stories up, please don’t make yourself look like an idiot. Thanks.

    • Kay 25th May 2015 on 12:18 am Reply

      Wow good research skills, but maybe its just a story not a factual journalistic report? Perhaps you need to get a sense of humour.

      • alice 7th June 2015 on 11:24 am Reply

        Nik: you sound like possibly you WERE the Anus of Satan with your attitude! I think she rocks!

    • Paul 2nd June 2015 on 8:12 am Reply

      While you are nit-picking “Nik”, please check your spelling before posting your errors to the cyberspace and making yourself looking like the idiot that you are. Thanks. By the way, no offense!

    • "CURIOS" 4th June 2015 on 12:17 am Reply

      Maybe she changed the seat number to protect the identity of “satan’s anus”, like any GOOD WRITER would!

      • "CURIOS" 4th June 2015 on 12:25 am Reply

        And she didn’t state that the flight was direct ANYWHERE in that open letter. Learn to read before becoming a keyboard warrior.

  6. DJ 24th May 2015 on 4:28 pm Reply

    Oh my goodness Nik. What’s wrong with you? The essence of the writing was the story, not the seat number or the type of plane. Why do you have to sound so angry? You need help. Either that or you are just envious that this story went viral whereas your blog (if any) became nothing more than just an accidental click. Sad case.

  7. Hasnulyakin 28th May 2015 on 3:21 pm Reply

    Lol! Good one!

  8. JTM 31st May 2015 on 2:30 pm Reply

    almost as good, imaginative and evocative as Dante’s Inferno but he preferred the other end!

  9. John 8th June 2015 on 7:49 am Reply

    That letter is one of the funniest things I’ve read in ages. Absolutely brilliant!
    My new favorite descriptive line of all time – “The Anus of Satan”….

  10. Marla Hill 11th June 2015 on 9:32 am Reply

    Fantastic letter! I just flew back to Taiwan from the US on EVA and had an obnoxious person (from Hong Kong, I guess, given the Cantonese) kicking my seat and grabbing it most of the way.

  11. winter 25th June 2015 on 8:10 pm Reply

    I love e letter u wrote..! U r juz so real n i bet not many ppl can do wad u did..!!

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