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Eating at the Sydney Fish Market is quite an adventure. 

It’s a feast for all the senses the moment you step in. 

The smell of the sea welcomes you, along with the sound of shop owners yelling our their wares and the freshest catch of the day.  The floor is slick and wet – don’t wear slippers. I am telling you from personal (and painful) experience. 

There are so so many people, tourists and locals alike – I got very excited and also very lost. 

The display of seafood is breathtaking. 

Crabs as big as an infant with big, menacing (and probably delicious) claws. Langoustines and lobsters stare at you with their beady eyes. Every fish you can think of sit glistening on eternal beds of ice. Oh and the beautiful, sweet scallops. Covered in cheese and torched in their shells until they are golden brown and perfectly gooey. The oysters are shucked before your eyes. Each mouthful slippery and briny – all you need is a squeeze of lemon. The bright coral-colored prawns were huge and bursty, makes all the effort of peeling them worth it. 

We bought way too much food for four. But the food coma after was very much welcomed. 

We sat in the al fresco area. The weather was perfect, sunny with a light breeze and you can see yachts bobbing gently in the waters. 

With the big white umbrellas and Westerners all around, it almost felt as if we were in Europe rather than Sydney. 

But our reverie was rudely interrupted by a seagull stealing one of the unattended prawns.

Tartar sauce to go with that, sir?

Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road,
Sydney, NSW 2009, 
Sydney Fish Market Website

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