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Midnight Supper Series: Pizza.



It’s two in the morning and I am hungry.

Needed to be quiet because suppers are frowned upon in my household.

So I become a ninja. Turn the door knob slowly, and quiet steps downstairs to the kitchen.

A quick glance in the fridge revealed chocolates and raw eggs. I would scramble, but too much effort.

The dark chocolate bar looks tempting but I need something salty, savoury.

Need something now. 

Spotted the leftover pizza from earlier today. Domino’s is having a 50% discount  for all their pizzas and I think I might have ordered one too many.

Beef pepperoni on a New York –style crust that is not too thin that it’s crispy nor too thick that you feel guilty for eating more than one slice.   

Simple, delicious and covered in ooey gooey cheese – perfect.

A sneaky zap in the oven and ninja steps back to my room, cutlery unnecessary.

The pizza is all gone now. So was that cardio this afternoon.

But calories eaten when no one’s watching don’t count.

Waiting for the guilt to sink in. None yet.

Time for bed.


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    […] the kind that is bad for you but you just can’t say No. I am the reason why you would take ninja steps to sneak out of your house in the middle the night to get your fix – like a bad habit you […]

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