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The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Midnight Supper Series: Roast Pork Noodles.

I have got the flu, no thanks to the haze. All my nose does is run and run. If I ran half as much as it did, I  wouldn’t have to sell off that many clothes on Carousell. I think the flu is the cook’s worst enemy, the way it robs you of your sense

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Midnight Supper Series: Meatballs

Had this unholy craving for meatballs. The good kind – you know, the ones that are not dry and gritty from too much breadcrumb filler, the kind that have been given the time to get to know the sauce it’s been swimming in, the ones that just yield effortlessly beneath your fork. Thought of IKEA,

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Midnight Supper Series: Cake

  I baked today and realized how much I’d missed it. And what I missed most is more than the therapeutic measuring of ingredients, the feel of fragile eggshells against the unyielding side of bowls, the watching of very different ingredients; liquid and solid, coming together into a cohesive mess. It’s more than the meticulous

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