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Momofuku Ginger Scallion Noodles.

There is never enough time. 

I always thought that after leaving the rat race of the corporate world, there would be more time. 

Time to do the things that I love, time for family, time for the boyfriend, time for myself. 

But there is always something to do, somewhere to be. All of my best laid plans never come to be because there just isn’t time. 

This blog post was back logged two weeks. 

Where has all the time gone?


I cook about three times a week, twice a day. One of the days are spent writing out the meal plan and the other on doing grocery runs and marketing.

After breakfast, it’s just a blur of prep work, cooking, washing, shooting, and then the cycle repeats itself for dinner time. 

Time and tide waits for no man, not even the aspiring housewife. Before I know it, it’s 10.30pm or its 2 in the morning and that I really should sleep.


This ginger scallion sauce recipe is adapted from David Chang’s infamous Momofuku cookbook. 

It sounds fancy and all but it reminded me of something that my grandmother used to make for us every Chinese New Year to be eaten with steamed chicken or mixed into a bowl of plain Maggi Mee.


David Chang’s recipe calls for all the ingredients to be raw. But I much prefer Mama’s version where she scalds the scallions to release its flavor before pouring it over some grated ginger. 

This sauce is so simple to do and it is delicious with noodles, rice, or even pasta. 

It made for a satisfying and quick lunch mixed into wanton noodles and the rest for some steamed chicken during dinner. 

It saved me some time and got me thinking that the world is not going to make time for me to do the things that I love. I would have to put in the effort. 

I hope that where ever you are, in whatever situation that you are in; that you will always always make time for yourself and the people around you. 

We all have 24 hours in day. It is up to you how you would want to spend it. 

I would highly recommend taking 15 minutes out to make these noodles though.


3 bunch of spring onion or scallions
1 bunch of chives (optional)
2 inches worth of ginger
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
2 tsp of vinegar 
1 tsp of chicken stock granule
Salt to taste

Egg noodles/Wanton noodles

1. Thinly slice scallion, including the white parts and chives if using. Grate ginger into separate bowl and set aside.

2. Heat up oil in pan or wok and add in all the scallions. Over medium low heat, stir continuously until scallions are scalded and the oil is fully infused with its flavor. 

3. Pour hot scallion oil mixture into grated ginger. Add vinegar, chicken stock granules and season with salt.

4. Sauce tastes better if it sits for 15 minutes or overnight. Just reheat in a wok/pot.

5. To serve, boil egg or wanton noodles until al dante. Drain well. Dress your noodles with desired amount of sauce and serve warm. 


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