Sek Pau Mei

The misadventures of the heart and sometimes, the stomach.

Midnight Supper Series: Vinegar Pork Trotter.

The neighbors are washing up, getting ready for bed.But daddy and I are pulling out bottles of vinegar, slicing garlic and ginger, prepping the pork.

I had my recipe on my smart phone, the result of endless research. His was scrawled on a piece of paper, courtesy of all the aunties at the wet market.

“Is it the whole bottle or half?” “I don’t even think this is the right vinegar”

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“No. Do you?”


We both smiled. “Let’s wing it”

We looked at the massive pot of simmering stew.

“Do you think we made too much?”

“Nah. It’s perfect.”

Vinegar pork trotter has warming properties,

thanks to the generous amounts of sesame oil and ginger.
But the warmth I feel in my heart comes from much more than the ingredients in the massive pot – it comes from cooking with daddy.

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