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Midnight Supper Series: Roast Pork Noodles.


I have got the flu, no thanks to the haze.

All my nose does is run and run. If I ran half as much as it did, I  wouldn’t have to sell off that many clothes on Carousell.

I think the flu is the cook’s worst enemy, the way it robs you of your sense of taste and smell.

I needed something to clear my blocked nose, at the same time it should be quick and delicious as well because my flu brought her best friend, splitting headache along with her.

That bitch.

Thank you Jesus for leftover roast pork. Stir fried it with some Thai holy basil, springy egg noodles, dark soy sauce and enough bird’s eye chillies to set your butthole on fire.

Prescription: Twice a day; once for for lunch, leftovers for supper.

Call me in the morning.



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