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Midnight Supper Series: Chee Cheong Fun

This post has nothing to do with curry chee cheong fun.

But I need you to read it because it contains an important life lesson.

I was at my best friend’s house when suddenly my stomach pain. Now I have known this girl for many years and would probably take a bullet for her if need be and I am sure she will be okay with me taking a shit at her house but I was too shy to ask.

So instead, I gave her a stupid excuse and left hurriedly. Now her house is ten minutes away from mine without traffic.

I ran all the red lights. My tin can Myvi took corners at 120km/h. I honked at everything, even parked cars, to get out of my way. Almost hit a Bangla cause it was dark and he was dark and I can’t see.

I prayed to Allah, Jesus and Buddha to please please don’t let me shit in my car. My parents will disown me and no one wants to date someone who is not toilet trained.

I left the car by the house gate, no time to park it properly. Fumbled with the keys, struggled at the door because my parents used a million locks as if we lived in Klang.

Thank sweet Jesus that our socio-economic status dictates that our house wasn’t a bungalow so there wasn’t much of a distance to the bathroom but that half brisk walk/half sprint while keeping one’s shit in was by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

If I had half of the determination I did holding my shit in when it comes to life, I would be much more successful than I am today.


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