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Midnight Supper Series: Battered Husbands Anonymous.


Every morning after his morning market run, Daddy goes to his support group.

The attendees are a group of middle-aged men; some business owners while others are managing directors of a public listed company or another.

These men have made it in life, they have all the 5 C’s – cash, car, condo, credit cards and club membership. And yet, every Sunday they come to this support group.

The meeting takes place around a kopitiam table. The preferred dress code is ratty t-shirt and shorts. And over plates of wan tan mee and bowls of pork noodles, each man would share their struggles:


“I have to cook dinner every night. My wife does nothing!” said one.

“You think you got it bad. I have to cook dinner and do the dishes every night. My wife does nothing!” cries another.

“You two are lucky. I have to do myself every night. My wife does nothing!” the third laments.


It becomes a pissing contest of sorts: a comparison of who amongst them have got it worst.


At 10am sharp, all the attendees’ handphones would ring simultaneously.

“Yes dear. I am on the way back now.”

“No darling. That is not the coffee shop that you are hearing in the background.”

“Yes, of course I remembered to buy your breakfast.”

“I love you too.”



The support group call themselves, ‘The Battered Husbands Anonymous’.

I think they are just husbands who really love their wives.




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