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#iaremunyeeinsydney: Black Coffee Lyrics.



IMG_4341Tucked away in the upper level of a nondescript shop lot, the cafe was quite a challenge to find for two ravenous tourists desperate for some brunch.

We missed the breakfast menu but the wide array of sandwiches available caught our eye.

He got the Brooklyn -pork slow cooked for five hours, with cheddar cheese, bbq sauce and coleslaw. 

It was a good, substantial burger but my Hibiki won hands down. 

Tempura whiting. Fried till perfectly crispy yet light. Slight heat from the wasabi. Miso mayo and bonito flakes makes every mouthful an umami bomb. 

All of that goodness in a soft white roll to catch any juices that you might miss.

My hands were all greasy, there’s probably a smear of mayo at the corner of my lips. 

Sandwiches are delicious but they can be so messy sometimes. 

“You’re beautiful, you know?” 

And there was silence. Because sandwiches can’t talk. 

Black Coffee Lyrics

3131, Paradise Boulevard, 
Surfer’s Paradise
QLD 4217, Australia

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