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I Ate: El Cerdo

I love pork. 

I love pork so much that I wrote an ode to it.

I love pork so much that in addition to good looks, financial stability and a sense of humor, passionate about pork products is one of the qualities that I look for in men. 

I love pork so much I would put it on a pedestal and worship it. 

So when I read reviews about El Cerdo in Changkat, KL that has pork in literally everything on its menu, I knew that a visit is a must on my bucket list.

As you see, I prioritize rather well when it comes to food. 

We only tried two dishes that night as there was only the three of us. 

A favorite appetizer of mine – thinly sliced Jamon Serrano ham with rock melon (RM28 for half serving, RM45 for full). If you’ve never had this combination of salty, smoky ham with sweet melon before, I’d highly recommend that you do. 

It’s like a salad, really. Just without vegetables. 

Then the pièce de résistance, the star of the night, the reason for existence – the suckling piglet. (RM188 for half, RM358 for whole).

Fun facts: Piglet was imported from Denmark, raised on acorns and is only three weeks old. 

What you get (as compared to our local suckling piglets) is a much higher fat content and a milder taste of the meat. The skin is much thinner as well, though with the same satisfying crispy crackle that I love love love. 

El Cerdo also has this dining gimmick where in order to demonstrate just how crispy the skin was, we were asked to use a plate to cut the piglet in three different sections and then wish for either Love or Money. You then to throw the plate into a wooden bucket, breaking it. 

My dad being the stereotypical greedy Chinese businessman declared loudly, I WANT BOTH!

This act supposedly brings luck. Now I don’t really believe in it but the idea of breaking cutlery? Yes, please. 

The piglet is of a higher price range but it serves as a rich treat once in awhile. If I were you, I would try El Cerdo at least once in my lifetime. If not for the food, at least for the idea of throwing plates around in a public place. 

El Cerdo
No 43 & 45, Changkat 
Bukit Bintang, K.L

03 2145 0511 (do make reservations as it is always packed)

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  1. Yench 30th November 2012 on 8:14 pm Reply

    I love pork! Been to el cerdo a few times. Never fails. Try the pork knuckle or iberico ham appetiser. Amazing.

    So I guess I satisfy at least one of your "dream-guy" criteria.

    • iaremunyee 1st December 2012 on 4:26 am Reply

      hahaha you should give yourself more credit.

      pricey though, if not it ll be a regular haunt. apparently the ribs are pretty good too?

    • Yench 1st December 2012 on 4:22 pm Reply

      Yup yup, ribs are good too. Anything pork on the menu is good. Bacon wrapped asparagus etc.

      How much more credit would you give me then?

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