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#iaremunyeeinsydney: Black Star Pastry and Cafe.

I went to Sydney to get away from it all – from the hustle and bustle of work, the noise, the people, the crowd. 

I needed a sensory break from the familiar and the routine. I feel myself burning out and I needed to recharge, revitalise, rejuvenate. 

I flew 6585km to the land down under because I had this gut feeling that I might just be able to find my happiness there and I needed to know if I was right. 

But above all else, I went to Sydney to try Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry Watermelon Cake. 

This is a delicious, delicious slice of heaven: Layers of chewy almond dacquoise interlaced with rose-scented cream. Watermelon surprise centre for that unexpected burst of freshness amidst all that cake. Jewels of bright red strawberries, emerald pistachios and rose petals make this a stunning looking cake. 

Almost too beautiful to eat. Keyword: Almost.

But if you are unable to pack your bags and go try it yourself, here’s the recipe by their very own pastry chef. It’s easy to put together, and even easier to eat. 

I would go back to Sydney just for this. 

Black Star Pastry
277, Australia Street, Newtown 
NSW 2042, Australia

Black Star Pastry Website


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