Mr Right.

She stood on the sidewalk; oblivious to the sounds of impatient drivers and the music blaring from every corner of the bustling city. Her eyes scan every face that passes by. Looking for that one person. Him. “He must be here somewhere”, she consoled herself. Someone knocked against her. She pay no heed to it. Her eyes scanned the place once more.

Wait! Someone looks familiar. Could it be? She pushed her way through the crowd; ignoring the jeers and curses flung at her. Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, she managed to grab hold of his arm. He spun around. She stared into a face. No. This is not who she’s looking for. She turn her attention once again to the streets.

Someone shouted. She ignored it. “I must not be distracted”, she tells herself. Once again someone is shouting. Wait. It sounds like her name. Yes! Its him. He is looking for her. She listened closely; attempting to filter all the other noises. It looks like its coming from across the road!!

She dashed across the road. Drivers blare their horns in anger. Someone swore. A car narrowly miss her. Finally. She reached the other side. Where? Which way? The shouts are fading. She kept running. In her mind, she feels like she is heading for something. The truth is, she is simply running. And running.

Soon she tire. She forced her feet to take another step. One more. Just one more. But it was too late. It took all of her effort to stop herself from falling over. She could feel the darkness creeping up on her. Its cold arms beckons her to its embrace. She succumbs.

A strong arm grabbed hold of her. An arm made of flesh and blood. Its warmth brought her back to reality. In the back of her mind, she can almost hear darkness’ wail of defeat. She opened her eyes, for a moment she couldn’t see her savior’s face. Then light adjusted itself. She looked into warm brown eyes. A pair of firm full lips. “Are you alright?” And at that moment, she thought she had died and an angel was talking to her.

She had found him. Her Mr. Right. Its written in the stars. Prophesied by the elders of time lost and forgotten. He is not Mr. Plausible. Neither is he Mr. Maybe or Mr. Temporary. He is the missing puzzle piece. The reason that she wakes up every morning. And they were in love. That word makes all pain bearable, all tears dried, and all ugly things beautiful. And for once, she thought she could die happy.

It was another day. They spend every day of their lives together. Eating, drinking, or merely staring into each other’s eyes. It was a warm Sunday afternoon. They were taking a stroll down the beach. Sand in between their feet and the waves singing to them, it seemed like a perfect day. Then she came. Out of nowhere she appeared. The beauty that she is. Her brown hair tumbled down her shoulders in curls, her eyes sparkled; telling a story of its own every time one looks into them. Her body, perfect as if sculpted by God himself to show off his superb craftmanship. And her lips. Oh, her lips.

She tightened her hold on his hand. He resists. She looked into his eyes; searching for an answer. The answer to a question they both dread. A question that answers itself. “Dont”, she whispered. He let go of her hand. It fell to the side. Lifeless. Dead. Like the rest of her.

He shooked his head. As if by doing so he can ease her pain. At one moment, it seemed as if he wants to say something. To apologize. But then he turned and walk away. Leaving her to look at his back as he walks further and further away. Her knees gave away. She crumbled to the soft sands of the beach. Thewaves no longer sing. To her he was everything. He was the one. But to him, she was just another Miss. Maybe.

She closed her eyes and allow her tears to trickle into the salty waters of the ocean.

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    This is beautiful =)

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